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Greater Austin, Texas  
Greater Austin Texas Real Estate and Relocation

Austin is a unique blend of the South, the West, cowboys, sophisticated urbanites, college students, entrepreneurs, politicians, high techies, and new bohemians - all of which come together to form a diversity and offbeat flair that is the cornerstone of Austin's charm and personality.

People move to Austin for many reasons, one of which being the economic climate of the city which is in part fueled by the unprecedented, entrepreneurial spirit of Austinites. In 1998 Fortune Magazine choseGreater Austin Texas Real Estate and Relocation Austin as the number one city in the U.S. to do business. Known as the "Silicon Hills", Austin has developed a thriving high tech sector that rivals any other around the country.

Over the past decade, 925 high tech companies, employing over 110,000 people, have landed in Austin. This includes over 400 software development companies, making Austin the second-largest concentration of such companies in the nation.

Yet Austin's economy does not stop here. As the capital of the second most populated state in the nation and the home to the University of Texas, city and state organizations employ a large sector of the work force. The University of Texas with over 50,000 students is the city's single largest employer with 19,000 in staff and faculty.

Some other major employers in the area include Dell Computer, IBM, Applied Materials, Motorola, Tracor, Advanced Micro Devices, 3M, Dupont Photomasks, Compaq (Tandem), National Instruments, and Apple Computer.

Austin is regarded as the most Greater Austin Texas Real Estate and Relocationeducated and well read city of it's size in the country, along with being one of the most computer literate.

Located where the wet, piney plains of Texas meet the Hill Country, people are drawn to Austin for it's scenic beauty. The Highland Lakes, a chain of seven beautiful lakes along the Texas Colorado River, descend from the Texas Hill Country and end up at Town Lake in downtown Austin.

These lakes and rivers of the area provide endless recreational opportunities for boating, water skiing, fishing, sailing, wind surfing, eagle watching, swimming, camping, and picnicking. Not to mention the more than 285 miles of scenic hiking and  biking trails that wind throughout Austin's city limits, creating a haven for outdoor enthusiasts!

Positioned astrideGreater Austin Texas Real Estate and Relocation the Balcones Escarpment, the countryside is  a mixture of gently rolling hills covered with oak, pecan, elm, redbud, and cedar trees to the west and green farmland to the east.

Known as the "Live Music Capital of the World", Austin provides it's populace with endless "live" entertainment. On any given night, you can find more live blues, rock, jazz, or country and western music than any where else in the country.

High concentrations of this entertainment are found on Sixth Street and the Warehouse District. Within walking distance you can find many types of live music, live theater, brew pubs, and eclectic restaurants.

In addition to live music, Austin is one of only a handful of cities to host it's own ballet, opera, and theater companies. There is an abundance of arts and entertainment to be found throughout the city.

Austin is simply a great place to live! Request your FREE Relocation Package today!